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Interior Design from The Future

Design is not defined or limited to the arrangement of furniture or lighting elements. In order to create an enchanting and comfortable space, every detail of internal space should be considered for its right shape, color, and placement.
In interior design, just like a chess game, every step is fateful and important. Foresight on the future course of action with advance planning of all the moves can only ensure winning the game. Similarly, without proper planning of the entire interior designing task, there is a possibility of mistakes which will be visible only at the final stage. Purple interiors undergoes through the planning of every project in advance, by considering the latest techniques and tendencies in design, and taking into account comfortability of the customer.

How do we work?


Our 3 Simple Steps

Understand and Analyze Your Requirements
We understand your requirements, needs, preferences, your vision, your target, and your budget. Post this, we analyze your requirements with reference to your floor plan of the property, size of the room, technical checking, and space planning.
Agreement to Terms
We exchange the words of commitment to bring transparency in the work and to avoid any confusion in the future. The agreement will be a mutual commitment to ensuring completion of the designing task with pre-approved specifications.
Design and Development
Based on the analysis of your requirement and agreement terms, we design your space within the estimate approved by you. Our designs are inherited to fit your lifestyle so that you can accommodate almost everything that you desire. We ensure to develop solutions that are not just durable but also stylish and affordable.

Our Services

Residential is Our Forte
We agree that aesthetics in design is very important. We create residential spaces considering the lifestyle and preferences of the family to allow everyone to experience individual comfort.
Home Offices
Home offices are the need of the hour. Where most of us have started working from home, we need a dedicated space that we can connect as an office, without changing the structure of our home. We incorporate an office in your home with our designs complementing the workspace that works for you.

Other Specialized Services

Homes are not spaces, they’re feelings. We are inspired by the true emotions and we bring them in every corner of your home. Whether it is a commercial, office, or residential space, our interiors inspire every individual to explore the self.


Let your walls reflect your personality

What the best way to live, motivate, and explore where everything around you reflects your personality. Interiors that allow you to express yourself boldly.
Think blueprints
We bring your imagination on paper through 2D and 3D designs for your approval and only then, the concepts are brought into reality.
Space planning
A perfect placement creates comfortable sitting and still make the room appear spacious.

Designing spaces to enhance your business.



5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

Attention To The Details
From the smallest process of interior designing to exterior compound walls and gates, nothing escapes our sight. As we understand that everything is correlated, we give equal importance to every designing segment.
Quality Of Our Work
We are quality-oriented. We neither compromise on any requirement not we convince you to settle for less. Our team prioritizes quality in all layers of interior design to give you the best of what you deserve.
We Help You Save Money
We provide an album of visualizations and drawings along with designing solutions. Our studio services include delivery of furniture, raw material, and lighting concepts. We also extend discount coupons to enable you to buy furniture more beneficially.
Innovative Ideas & Stylish Designs
We are backed by a creative team that strives to bring innovative solutions. Through our innovative approach, we aim to create stylish designs that are matchless. We tend to bring newness in our every project and therefore, they all appear to be uniquely styled emblems.
Work execution at site
We regularly monitor onsite and offsite work until its completion. We assure meeting all the standards including meeting the deadlines. Our centric approach is customer satisfaction which we never ignore.



Pranavi Interior Designer

Pranavi has the niche of viewing everything from a different and innovative perspective. When it comes to interior designing, she is passionate about her work and looks beyond every limitation of making the best of every space.
She is accustomed to every new trend, technology, and research in the field of design. Purple Interiors is her dream establishment, and Pranavi is determined to create the most popular brand in the field of interior design.

Shiva Production Head

Interior designing is not just an art, it is a science too. Therefore, Shiva brings the required competency of combining science and art of designing that produces innovative solutions with practical application.
As a Co-Founder, Shiva brings a lot of knowledge and skill of international significance with a vision to provide simplified solutions. He executes the work with a systematic approach to avoid missing deadlines.

Phanindra Production Head

The most valuable asset of each interior design firm is the team. Phanindra has been contributing to Purple Interiors tremendously towards success, constantly innovating and solving new challenges.
Coming from a Tech background, Phanindra’s niche is in Project Management. His role involves sales, marketing, sourcing and researching manufacturers, materials,and products for projects, ensuring they meet the appropriate technical standards and are available on time and on budget.
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